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Buffalo Cheese Curds at Murrays Cheese Bar
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczBuffalo Cheese Curds at Murrays Cheese Bar

The most insanely cheesy dishes in NYC

Written by
Alyson Penn

Who doesn’t love oozy, melty, flat-out food-porny cheese? Although you might not think it socially acceptable to just order a big hunk of fromage for dinner, we've found the best cheesy dishes in New York that come pretty damn close. 

Savoyarde raclette at Raclette:
The rustic East Village eatery keeps the alpine tradition of raclette alive by heating and scraping French cheese tableside over plates of roasted new potatoes, cornichones and pickled white pearl onions.

Khachapuri at Cheeseboat
This Georgian restaurant set in Williamsburg is an ode to khachapuri, the country's cheese-filled bread boats (hence the name). You can get it classic or flavored with fixings like spinach, bacon or garlicky chicken. 


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Saganaki at Ed & Bev’s: 
Inspired by Greek diners found in their native Detroit, it's no surprise that brothers Max and Eli Sussman serves a sizzling saganaki at their Riis Park stall. The gooey cheese arrives fresh from the fire with a half loaf of sesame bread. 

Queso fundido at El Vez:
It's Mexico's answer to fondue: At this Stephen Star restaurant, dishes of piping-hot melted cheese are jazzed up with your choice of red chorizo or truffle wild mushrooms. Both are served with a side of flour tortillas, so get scooping. 

The Quinn at Emily:
This white pie at the acclaimed Clinton Hill pizzeria spotlights four different cheese: House-made mozzarella, havarti, pecorino and ricotta. 

Cheese curds at Murray's Cheese Bar:
At Murray’s, you have two cheese-curd options: you can get 'em fried and served buffalo-wine–style with blue cheese dressing on the side, or order them deluxe with three dipping sauces (ranch, barbecue and tomato). 

Fondue at Olmsted:
Found on the dessert menu, this shareable fondue spread features a broiled wheel of soft Harrison cheese, torched rosemary and sides of bread and apples for dipping. 

Mac and cheese burger at The Ainsworth:
This heart-stopping burger comes with a beef patty, a panko-crusted macaroni-and-cheese patty and a heaping scoop of more mac slopped on top. This is the stuff of cheese-lover dreams. 


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