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The NYC spots Beyoncé and Jay Z should take William and Kate

Written by
Carla Sosenko

Last night, New York's royal couple spent some quality time courtside with their across-the-pond counterparts, and our brains damn near exploded. (And not from the game: Lebron and his Cleveland Cavaliers trounced the New York Nets, 118–88. It's okay, you guys. We still love you—especially you, Brook Lopez! Call me!)

Will and Kate have one more day in the Big Apple, and while they'll no doubt have a full schedule of official—and sometimes somber—royal duties (they paid a visit to the 9/11 memorial this morning), we think their new BFFs, Bey and Jay, should take them on their own tour for the full New York experience.  

Buttermilk Channel: Bey and Jay famously spent a New Year's Eve here, and we think five-months-pregnant Kate would appreciate the Channel's fried chicken and waffles right about now. (Or maybe that's us. Yes, we would appreciate fried chicken and waffles right now. Can somebody please bring us those?) For that extra Brooklyny feeling, they should go for brunch

The Brooklyn Bridge: So, today is admittedly not the best weather for it, but the down-to-earth duchess would no doubt still love a stroll across this beloved NYC landmark—one which, Beyoncé, effortless goddess that she is, sometimes enjoys biking across in a fedora. Perhaps the two sets of lovebirds can make their permanent mark on the bridge by fixing a lock to it. (Just kidding. Please don't do that.)

560 State Street: Take one look at Will and Kate and you immediately think "rap fans," don't you? Jay should show the hip-hop-heads around his former crib at 560 State Street, made famous in "Empire State of Mind": "I used to cop in Harlem/hola my Dominicanos/Right there up on Broadway/brought me back to that McDonald's/Took it to my stash spot, 560 State Street..." After perusing Jay's old drug spot, the foursome can retire to nearby BAM for some culture. Lovely! 

Opening Ceremony: This designer hipster magnet has two locations—a giant downtown outpost and a tiny shop tucked into the Ace Hotel—and we vote for the latter, so the besties can sip some Stumptown together in the lobby (decaf for Kate!) while sneering at the laptop-staring people pretending to work on their novel. Either way, Will should pick up a Radarte sweatshirt to match Jay's, and Kate (obviously) needs some sort of jazzy "Is it an outfit? Is it underwear?" ensemble to complement Beyoncé's typically edgy gear. (Maybe something like this? Cool!)  

The Upper East Side: If the guys need a little rest, the gals should scoot on over to see Bey's BFF, Gwyneth. (They're still friends, right? Oh god, please tell me they're still friends!) Gwyneth can show Kate around the UES turf she grew up on for that full Gossip Girl experience, and the three can have some girl talk at upper-crust staples like Sant Ambroeus or Freds. They'll swap war stories about being pregnant while remaining absurdly thin and indulge in a little friendly competition over, say, who has the shiniest hair. (They all do. They all have the shiniest hair.) Oh, the fun they'll have! 

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