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Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

The one Instagram photo that every single New Yorker posted this week

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

There are a few shared experiences that unite all New Yorkers. Getting stuck on a subway underground and cautiously bonding with fellow passengers. Making vague threats to Time Warner Cable customer service representatives over the phone. And posting an Instagram photo of the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub from the exact same angle on March 4, 2016.

The world's fanciest PATH stop, also known as "The Oculus" or "Boondoggle Station," finally opened on Thursday after numerous delays and a price tag that, like a bird in flight, soared to a staggering $4 billion

Now, whether you think Santiago Calatrava's gleaming new addition to the city's landscape is an imperial icon or merely a hubristic hub, one thing is for sure. It photographs damn well.

So well in fact, that since opening it seems to have drawn more people for a very specific photo op than for aesthetically pleasing departures to Hoboken. There's a good chance you've already seen The Photo. The soaring ivory columns. The dramatic sliver of sky. The prominent American flag positioned at the bottom of the frame seemingly saying, "Hey. Don't be fooled by our airports, international community. This country is still capable of building some real classy shit."

Need proof? Check out these 18 unique perspectives (from the last 12 hours) of the Financial District's hottest new Insta-spot. 


A photo posted by Priya (@priyasdanceface) on


Grand Opening #oculus

A photo posted by ▲NN▲ (@ann_a87) on


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The Oculus at WTC Transit Hub just opened yesterday. An architectural beauty. #oculus #wtc #neverforget #architecture

A photo posted by Suraj Savalia (@ssavalia) on


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