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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Lewis Adams

The Ultimate Drinking Game for New Yorkers

Written by Cleo Bergman

The rules are simple: if you live in New York, do as instructed. Where this game takes place is under your discretion. We do not take responsibility for any foolishness that goes down. Stay safe and have fun!

Take a swig any time...

  • Someone complains about the subway.
  • A car drives by with music blaring.
  • Someone says how much they want to see Hamilton.
  • Someone mentions how broke they are.
  • A fire truck or a police car blasts their sirens.
  • You spot someone wearing flannel and a beanie in a cafe.
  • When you get asked for directions by tourists.
  • Someone suggests getting pizza.
  • Someone talks about how much they love Stranger Things.
  • You spot a rat in the subway.
  • You’re forced to walk through a construction tunnel or around construction.
  • You're stuck behind slow walkers.

Take two swigs any time…

  • Your Uber pulls up next to a taxi.
  • You see three people in a row wearing all black.
  • Someone is playing Pokemon Go.
  • You meet someone from New Jersey at a party.
  • Someone is screaming randomly in the middle of the street.
  • You can’t tell if they’re screaming with joy or out of fear.
  • You spot an officer on a horse.
  • Someone starts talking about a vegan/gluten-free place they found.
  • You go on a tinder date with someone who isn't from NYC.
  • You hear more than two foreign languages being spoken at once.
  • You spot someone openly smoking a joint outside.
  • Someone says, “I was at Trader Joe’s the other day…”
  • Someone starts performing on the train.
  • You spot someone reading a newspaper on the subway.

Finish your drink any time…

  • Someone reminds you that Donald Trump is from New York.
  • Someone tries to talk to you with your headphones on.
  • Someone tries to talk to you in a language you don't know.
  • You’re playing Pokemon Go.
  • You start performing on the subway.
  • You’re walking through Times Square.
  • You have a train car to yourself.
  • Someone upstreams you for a taxi.
  • You get tickets to Hamilton.

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