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These are the cool astronomical sights that you shouldn't miss this January

Written by
Evelyn Derico

If you missed the Quadrantid Meteor Shower last night (visible between 3AM and dawn EST) don't worry. There are two other awesome celestial happenings later this month. Comet Catalina will be visible from Thursday, January 14 to Saturday, January 17 (visible Midnight through pre-dawn EST) but you'll need binoculars or a telescope to view the comet. Catalina will be visible near Ursa Major, near the handle of the Big Dipper.

Or you can take a look to the Southeastern sky to have great viewing of the constellation Orion, part of the winter circle of stars which will be visible a few hours after sunset. Orion's stars have different colors this month, Orion's "shoulder" star Betelgeuse is a Red Giant and the opposite "knee" of Orion is blue (star Rigel.) Below the three belt stars is the Orion Nebula, which will be purple/blue.

The best part is that you don't need a telescope to see them, even with all the city light pollution.

h/t NASA

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