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These artists held a surprise show in a stairwell of the Whitney

Written by
Evelyn Derico

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On Friday evening, a group of young artists smuggled their paintings into a stairwell at the Whitney Museum. The artists are all affiliated with Apostrophe, an NYC-based gallery and performance space. The installation, part of a project called Base 12, seeks to create a unique roving gallery experience. To do that, artists in the group created extensions of their own work on identically sized canvases, which were then hung on the windows of the stairwell with suction cups. The idea behind the guerrilla show was to bring recognition to the fact that getting work exhibited can be a lengthily, tedious process that involves lots of bureaucracy.

Apostrophe co-founder Sei Smith says the group planned this surprise exhibition as the first in a series. "We're doing 12 pop-up shows throughout the course of a year, one each month," Smith says. "Three will be in museums, three will be on subway platforms, three will be in public parks and three at international galleries." The next show will be in April, exact date TBA. (The museum shows will be surprises and remain unannounced.)

"We wanted to use the locations to bring in people who wouldn't necessarily be drawn to an art gallery," Smith says. "We want to bring that excitement and curiosity and just involve as many people as we can in a discussion about the boundaries of curating shows, especially the art world as a whole."

"The more people can get excited about art, the more they might want to get involved," Smith added. 

Check out Apostrophe's video of the event, including the individual artists' works below. For updates on other installations in the series, check out Apostrophe on Instagram.

Check out all the artists who participated in the show: Alana Dee Haynes, Ryan Bock, Bruno Smith, Caslon Bevington, Sei Smith, James Rubio, Charlie Hudson, Max Kolter, James Reyes, Julia Powers, The Love Child, Morell Cutler

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