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These maps show just how big Central Park really is

Look, we all know that Central Park is a big—how else could it fit those free concerts, two ice skating rinks, a zoo, a large art gallery, a frickin' castle and tons of other great stuff? But did you know that it is 2.5 miles long and a half mile wide? How about the fact that it has 843 acres? Well, the people at SquareFoot Blog did, and to put that massive size into perspective they created an infographic outlining just how much of other major cities, islands and landmarks Central Park would take up if you could drop those beautiful 1,317 square-ft-miles-of-public-space from the sky. Compared to sprawling destinations like Houston or the Amazon River, it didn’t take up much, but it’s way bigger than a certain city-state ruled by the Pope. See more comparisons below; it'll be a great conversation topic when you're waiting in line for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park or picnicking this weekend.   

How Big is Central Park?

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Mary F

Central Park's paths wind and meander, making the 800 plus acres appear to be twice that.  That little trick is why you can go nuts trying to walk straight through the park.  You will always be above or below where you entered.

Grace C moderator

Golden Gate Park is bigger than Central Park!!