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These maps show just how big NYC is compared to other cities

Everyone knows New York is a huge town. (Or is it???) With over eight million people spread out across five boroughs, things can seem a little cramped at times. But even if you already knew NYC is our country's biggest metropolis, it's still pretty surprising to see the population compared to other well-known places in the maps below.

Scroll down to see what cities would fit snuggly inside our borders like cream cheese in a bagel. Aww, you could fit a whole Chicago in Brooklyn!

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Karl M

Rome as big as Brooklyn (and smaller than Paris)? This is absolutely wrong. Rome is the biggest comune (city administration) in Europe by far, being 10 times Paris in extension. Obviously the author utilized the metro area of Paris (Isle of France) that is made of dozens of other cities (would be like adding the metro area cities of NJ to NYC). And he used only the 1st municipio of Rome (city center - like downtown Manhattan). Rome is huge, the only European city to surpass it is Constantinople (Istanbul). Paris is a small village compare to it (half the detention of Milan), that’s the reality. And NYC is not big enough to fit the city of Rome into it. Not to mention today’s Province of Rome.

Dank Amen

Author, we know you just took it off of a redditor's original content. Just credit /u/omicr_on, it isn't that difficult.

Fred S

Let's see 'em put Mexico City in there...

Mike G

Where would British cities fit in?

Dutch U

Third one is the most important, because every one of those states has 2 senators (and 2 electors), while we have bubkus.

ChangeItNow F

For the next assignment, It would be interesting to do a rodent population.....TIA

Ray C

Interesting but I think that it is best to compare the population sizes of the Metropolitan areas instead of the cities. The Metropolitan area of NYC has approximately 20 million people, Paris 12 million, Seoul 26 million and Tokyo 38 million. 

Robert L

@Ray C Absolutely. For example NYC is almost all urban whereas parts of Houston is rural. The worst thing is Phoenix. You will still be within the city limits and it will be absolute desolate desert. The interstate exits will come very 5 miles and say 242nd st, then 264th st etc. I thought to myself "OMG they have the city streets numbered and planned for future development in the middle of the desert. This made me hate that city even more than driving past endless miles of 7 elevens, strip malls and stucco houses.

Tom W

Square milage of Manhattan: 31

Square milage of Philadelphia : 141

Tom W

Mileage, sorry.

Morgan W

@Tom W Nobody is talking about square miles. They are talking about population

Officer N

@Morgan W @Tom W He's not showing the square miles. He's stating how fucking crowded NYC is compared to Philly. Philly has 200,000 more people, but 110 more square miles to distribute all those people. 

Meghan M

You are getting somewhat better Will.

Null S

to be fair, SF is only one part of the entire Bay Area. Which is one large contiguous populated area from San Jose up to Richmond. From San Francisco out to about Pleasanton. Of course as soon as you start talking like that people want to lump in CT and parts of NJ to puff up NYC.

Musa I

@Null S You're NOT "being fair". Due to your feelings of civic inferiority, you're trying to add Oakland, San Jose, and the Bay Area suburbs to the discussion. They aren't part of San Francisco at all, and the residents would have a bone to pick with you implying otherwise. The New York City suburbs include Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk counties, pop. ~5 million), largest island in the Continental United States, of which Brooklyn and Queens are only on the westernmost tip. The Island stretches for 128 miles, to Montauk. Westchester County, north of the Bronx (pop. 570,000), is 1 1/2 times the size of the whole city. These 8 counties take up some 2,200 square miles, also. So, we don't even need to touch upon Bergen, Hudson and Essex counties in New Jersey, and Fairfield County in Connecticut for the NYC suburbs to dwarf the ENTIRE Bay Area. Add the population of the NJ and CT counties, and we have a whopping 18.5 million people in the overall NYC Metro Area, as a conservative estimate. 

Karl W

what is up with the states one lol

Dutch U

@Karl W It's to show just how badly we get represented.  Each of those states gets 2 senators (and 2 electors), while NYC all together gets less than one.

Siqi Z

Shanghai is easily 3 times the population,excluding migrant workers.... scary.

Compared to how crowdy Shanghai's (albeit being world's longest) subway system is, NYC subway in busiest rush hour seems like a ladies tea party. You'd have to get squeezed afoat to believe.

John L

@Siqi Z Shanghai's population includes the entire metro area. A better comparison would be the entire New York metro area to Shanghai or Beijing.

Joseph W

The Dublin one isn't quite accurate – Dublin essentially has "boroughs" the way New York does – the City of Dublin being one of them, but also South Dublin, Fingal and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. Taken together, the population would be 1.3 million – much closer to Manhattan or the Bronx than Staten Island.

Benjamin Q

Population of dublin is 516k. Metro dublin is closer to your figure. Metro nyc is close to 20m.

Web D

Tokyo, Shanghai, ...