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This adorable dog stands on a corner in NYC and offers strangers hugs

Who doesn’t love a dog with a job. And this one may just be the most important one in the city.

Louboutina, “Loubie” for short, is a gorgeous five-year-old golden retriever who you can often find standing upright on the streets of Chelsea with her owner, ready to give a big canine hug to anyone who walks by.

According to her owner Cesar, Loubie started holding hands around age three and a half, which eventually transformed into hugging. She can usually be found on the corner of 5th and 17th offering furry hugs to strangers on the sidewalk.

Check out some pics of Loubie doing the Lord's Work below.

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Repost @justin_gluck Mans Best Friend. #dogsofinstgram

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Sending a hug to all my Nasty Women 💪🏼 You marched today all over the world for 💗💗💗💗

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And the first #hug of #2017 goes chubby daddy!!! 🐶❤️👴🏽

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David M

I am coming to New York and would love to meet up with louboutina and Cesar - if possible - as i have a birthday-coming up. please let me see this lovely dog.

Steve S

A very dear friend of mine just had her 14-year golden retriever put down last week!  That dog's name is Scarlett!  Your dog, Loubie, is a spitting image of Scarlett.  Loubie appears to have the same temperament, looks, & spirit as Scarlett.  I was SO glad to see this, as seeing it has really lifted my spirits!  You are SO lucky to have a dog like that.  They are the kindest, sweetest, & gentlest dogs I've ever met!  Thank You!!

Amy O

People can learn a lot from our canine friends. Unconditional love!

Annette B

I want to go to 5th and 17th RIGHT NOW. OMG, so adorable. 

Joann D

OMG!! I love seeing her. She shows more love and respect than a lot of ppl walking in the streets of NYC. More ppl need to take it from her and show love and not so much hate to others. She reminds me of a dog that my daughter and us had named Luu-Luu. She was the same kind of dog too and I miss her so much. God bless u and ur loving dog.

César F

@Joann D Thank you! Louboutina is an angel that makes everyone happy :-)

Kathy F

I want a hug too!! Got to stop on 5th and 17th for my hug. What a sweet sweet dog!!

César F

@Kathy F Louboutina is always around looking for hug victims :-)