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This futuristic plane would let you fly from NYC to London in 2.5 hours

Written by
Jillian Anthony

Soon a trip "over the pond" could be just a hop, skip and a jump away. A new supersonic aircraft known as the Flash Falcon could get you from the Big Apple to London in less than three hours in the future.

Rendering: Oscar Viñals

Designer Oscar Viñals envisioned a double decker plane that holds 250 passengers and travels at Mach 3 speeds, or three times the speed of sound, the Daily Mail reports. Business passengers would sit on top while the main deck would still provide passengers more space than average aircrafts do today. The plane would be eco-friendly as well, running on carbon-free energy and electro-combustion engines (known as star jet engines) that would tilt to allow the plane to take off or land vertically, like a helicopter. The plane's needle-shaped noise would help keep the noise from sonic booms down and improve aerodynamics.

Rendering: Oscar Viñals

"I believe that in a very near future supersonic flights will return, but with the most significant technology and advances of the 21st century," Viñals said. "This aeroplane would belong to a hypothetical generation that would be equipped with technology based on fusion energy, the future green energy, which today can only be found under development, but in the next 15 years it could become a feasible reality..."

Fifteen years and counting, guys...

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