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This headset lets you control robots with your brain

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

It’s the perfect Christmas present for any aspiring Magnetos on your list this year.

Brooklyn-based company OpenBCI has created a new device called the “Ultracortex Mark III.” No, it’s not a really expensive razor. It’s a headset that uses electrodes to pick up signals from your brain and then transform them into data that can be read by a computer. It can also convert face muscle signals. So basically you can use the headset to tell a computer what to do by simply clenching your jaw or thinking in a particular way. 

Just think, in the future your brain may be able to make that Seamless order for you the second you’re hunger. We are truly living in a brave new world.

Business Insider has a look at the futuristic device, which impressively features someone controlling a mini-helicopter by just thinking relaxing thoughts. The company is currently selling the headset (which they use a 3D printer to make at their Williamsburg office) for $350. The circuitboard you need to convert the brain activity into signals? $99. Controlling an all-powerful drone army with your mind? Priceless.

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