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Pokemon Go
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Eduardo Woo

This interactive map shows the location of every Pokémon gym in NYC

Written by
Christopher Tarantino

Don't like your current landlord? Well, Renthop is a very handy internet website for adults looking to find a new place to live. Don't like your current girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, Pokémon Go is a very addictive smartphone app for man-children looking to find a new passive way to let them know it's over. Don't like your current friends? Well, Pokémon gyms are social areas for Pokémon Go fans of all ages looking to find new social outlets that can turn into their digital friends into "IRL friends." Or, if you're looking to change everything about your life in one feel swoop, you can now use all three together with this new interactive map of your local Poké World!

As we're sure everyone already knows, you can’t visit gyms until you are level 5 and have chosen a team. In the market for a new GPS-based game or social circle but not sure what any of this stuff means? Check this one-stop shop guide out to all things Poké, and please do be careful out there kids.

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