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This is the perfect volunteer app for lazy do-gooders in NYC

Written by
Jennifer Picht

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Are you an overeager do-gooder that is itching to volunteer in NYC right this second? Well, there’s a new-ish app called DEED that allows you to lend a helping hand on-demand! (Seriously, it’s as easy as requesting a Lyft.)

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Let’s face it: Some of the local charities and soup kitchens in Gotham have a very discouraging sign-up process (i.e. they’re either always filled-to-the-brim with volunteers, or there's a grueling application involved). But thanks to DEED (, making a difference in your community has become as easy as ordering a meal on Seamless. 

Seriously, signing up and using the app is so simple. Once you add your location, a bunch of local charities and volunteer opportunities start popping up that range from Meal Services and reading to children, to resume building classes and assisting animal shelters. (There are dog walking opportunities, too!) You can even refine your search for a specific time, day and borough where you prefer to volunteer. 

The app lets you know how many spots are available for each position, and shows you the faces of people who have already signed up—just in case you have any mutual friends participating.

With an app like this, you seriously have no excuse not to help out!

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