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This is what happens when you go to Dîner en Blanc in NYC

Written by
Jennifer Picht

About a month ago, we told you everything you need to know about the world's largest dinner party, Dîner en Blanc. And last night, we had the pleasure of attending the spectacular affair during it's sixth year in NYC. The location for the event changes every year, which makes the party pretty hard to crash. But if you register for the party in advance, you might be able to partake in one of the most exclusive and coolest secret things to do in NYC.

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Amazingly, this French-born event isn’t only exclusive to France and NYC—it takes place in cities all over the world. We spoke to Co-Founder and partner of Dîner en Blanc Aymeric Pasquier about how the global blowout started, and he said, “28 years ago, my father took his family to French Polynesia for two years. When he came back to France, he wanted to gather with his old friends. It started as a picnic, but if too many people wanted to attend the event, they would meet in the park and dress in all white so that they would all recognize each other.” Seems like the tradition still holds true. 

Co-host of Dîner en Blanc Christine Krische adds, "The beautiful thing about this event is that it’s so diverse. The community here is from every background and every part of New York. It’s truly a reflection of the city that we’re in. It’s brilliant to be a part of something that brings so many different people together, and to have everyone celebrate as one. You can put everything else aside, but at the end of the night, we’re all wearing white.” 

We recorded and shared our experience at Dîner en Blanc on Snapchat, so in case you're not already following us  (follow: Time Out), this is what we saw! 

Fabulously dressed New Yorkers—clad in white—attended the elegant outdoor soiree, where diners can eat, drink and celebrate the end of summer with live music, dancing and more revelry. 

As we mentioned, part of the fun is that the location of the party is secret. (It's not revealed until the last minute). This year's shindig took place at the beautiful Robert Wagner Jr. Park in Battery City. 

You do have to schlep a ton of stuff to the dinner. The essentials include a table, two chairs, fine china, food and drink, lighting and any other decorations for your table. 

Over 5,000 people attended the dinner in NYC last night!  

As someone with a primarily all-black wardrobe (and is prone to food and wine stains), I was extremely nervous to wear white. And that also led to a few other musings... 

This couple was tearing up the dance floor even before the dinner officially started! There's plenty of live music and dancing happening throughout the night.  

As well as a few other surprises too. Thank god no one got wet. Can you imagine? A bunch of men and women completely drenched while wearing white? Okay...get your mind out of the gutter! 

There's always a ceremonial white napkin waving before the diners can dig into their own grub or their pre-purchased menu, curated by celebrity chef Todd English.  

The night ends with a huge dance party. The DJ was playing the best hits last night. 

Make sure to check out our guide to Dîner en Blanc so you can learn how to get involved next year! 

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