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This product will save your winter boots


Pesky salt-stains be gone!

In case you’re still trying to figure out ways to cross a slush puddle without ruining your favorite pair of leather boots or loafers, just stop trying! (Unless it’s all just a fun obstacle course to you then, by all means, carry on.) But face it: We can’t all be that heroic bodega owner who put his plastic milk crates to good use.

You might not be able to save your feet from getting drenched in murky, cold slush. But thanks to BootRescue, you can save your winter footwear from looking dirty, salty and downright unsightly. (We swear this is not a sponsored post). BootRescue is a super convenient pack of cleaning wipes, which are totally worth $7. And because the wipes are made with all natural ingredients, you can use them on expensive leather, too. Score! 


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