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This tech gadget could save you from a bad Tinder date with three clicks of your heels

Jennifer P

There’s a new tech gadget in the works—and it could potentially save you from a bad Tinder date. All you have to do is click your heels together three times. Sound familiar?

Dorothy is a mobile application created by iStrategyLabs, which syncs directly to a Bluetooth device called Ruby. Basically, Ruby is a wearable tech piece you can clip to your shoe, which allows you to discreetly excuse yourself from an awkward situation via a fake incoming phone call. So, if you're a Wizard of Oz fan, your favorite childhood film is about to become a reality, sort of.

Sure, bad dates are a bummer. But if this gadget becomes a thing, you won't have to be the jerk that waits for his/her date to use the bathroom before making a swift exit. With the Dororthy app, set up a fake contact (i.e. boss), which will give you a ring when you need it most. Simply tap your heels together—no chanting, "There’s no place like home," required—which triggers the fake phone call.

Ruby also works as a GPS-tracker, so you can summon an Uber cab or send your best friends your current location for a meet-up. Oh, and eventually, this app and Bluetooth combo could order you a pizza! Cheers to the future, right? As of now, this is just a prototype. So before you get too excited, you'll just have to stick it out during those bad dates.


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