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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Christopher Cook

Ugh, it's only 6pm?!? It feels like 11 right now.

Written by
Dana Varinsky

You guys, guess what time it is right now. It's only 6:00! But it's so dark outside, it might as well be midnight. 

We know that every year, the clocks turn back and the days get super short and we all have to leave our offices and trudge home in what feels like the dead of night. But in the weeks following Daylight Saving Time, we're inevitably amazed and confused. So if you're like us, these thoughts are all going through your head these days:

"Man, I can't even tell what time it is right now. Should we be in bed?"

"Has the time of year finally come when I can stop going out and start spending all my nights on the couch in sweatpants?"

"I have zero guilt about going to the bar at 4pm."

"It's way too dark out there to still be in the office. We should all leave, right?"

"Maybe I should get one of those Vitamin D lights."

"I need to lock down a winter boo stat."

"Is it too early for dinner?"

"Should we get ramen tonight?"

"How is the sun setting at 4:30?!? That just ain't right."

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