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What living in New York is like for introverts vs. extroverts

Written by
Tolly Wright

Living in a city with more than 8 million residents, half a million weekday-commuters and a metric crap-ton of tourists, New Yorkers have to interact with other people a lot. For some of us, this is our jam, our opportunity to find inspiration by the constant bustle of the city. While others of us enjoy that feeling of going straight from the job we love to that dark back corner of the neighborhood bar that nobody else ever, ever should find out about, because it’s ours. Extroverts and introverts coexist in harmony and are necessary for the city to achieve some sort of relative balanced sanity, but how these two groups handle those New York situations is completely different.

Picking a spot to picnic in Central Park
Extrovert: Heads to Sheep Meadow, bringing a frisbee and extra utensils because you never know who you’ll run into
Introvert: Sets up a blanket behind a huge tree in a pocket north of the reservoir no one has ever bothered naming

When stuck in an elevator
Extrovert: Makes conversation that diffuses the situation and leads to a blossoming friendship
Introvert: Says ten hail marys

Arrives at a bar 20 minutes early
Extrovert: Becomes such good buddies with the bartender that when their date arrives the date feel like they’re the third wheel
Introvert: Reads contently

Friend cancels on plans last minute
Extrovert: Texts furiously “What you up to?” to a dozen people while consoling themselves with Netflix
Introvert: Celebrates with Netflix

Stand up comedian singles them out for crowd work
Extrovert: Attempts to dish it back, “You’re the one with the stupid hat!” (This won't go well)
Introvert: Laughs politely while suddenly finding the ground fascinating to look at

Uber driver offers a water
Extrovert: Takes this as an opportunity to debate the merits of different car services with the driver
Introvert: Says, “No, thank you,” debates internally about whether to demand the driver take them a different (better) route than the GPS

Plans a perfect date
Extrovert: There’s a minimum of three activities including drinking, dancing, skeeball, hookah, what-have-you, so when one gets boring you’re on to the next and spend 10 hours out together
Introvert: Remembers that one romantic place you always wanted to try and makes a reservation way in advance

Choosing rooms in a new apartment with roommates
Extrovert: Happily takes the room right off the living room, doesn’t mind “unconventional” makeshift door
Introvert: Thinks the Harry Potter cupboard-sized room down the hall from the others will do just fine

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