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What people outside Brooklyn think you're doing vs what you’re actually doing

Written by
Tolly Wright

For better or worse, Brooklyn has gained a reputation as the city's coolest borough. But don't let scenes from TV shows like Master of None, Girls and Broad City fool you: Life in BK isn't all bicycles, man buns and craft beer.  

How they think you commute to work:

How you really get to work: 

What they think you do on Friday night:

What your TGIF is actually like:

What they think your neighbor looks like:

What your neighbor actually looks like:

What they think thrift shopping is like:

What happens when you actually go to a thrift store:

Who they think drops by your apartment for an impromptu house party:

Who actually shows up uninvited:

The hats they think you wear on the regular:

What is actually covering your noggin:

What they think you ate for brunch last weekend:

What actually cured your hangover:

Where they think you're grocery shopping:

Where you actually get all your food:

What they think you order at the bar:

How you actually say "cheers":

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