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What the hell are glitter roots and why do we want them?

Written by
Jennifer Picht

If you believe all that glitters is not gold, think again.

We love My Little Pony hairdos—cotton candy pink, pastel purple and old-lady grey manes are totally our beat. What we don’t love is how often we need to cover up our roots to maintain our rainbow dye job. But did you know you can avoid a trip to the salon entirely and turn your dome into a full-blown colorful disco ball? Meet the latest hair craze that’s just a step above clip-in man buns—glitter roots. OoOo so sparkly.


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It’s easy to achieve the Supernova Girl trend, which we believe originated from Aussie salon The Fox & The Hair: Combine a shiton of hair gel and loose glitter in a bowl and apply the solution to your roots. Genius.

So why should women sparkle their roots? Well, it pays homage to our Lisa Frank days and Ke$ha (WE MISS YOU, KE$HA) and frankly, it makes our inner girly-girl squeal with delight. The only downside? Glitter is kind of the worst, you guys. It’s impossible to remove and you can’t go anywhere without leaving a trace of glistening specks behind. But sacrifices must be made for the sake of fashion, right? 

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