What you need to know about this weekend's Tax March in NYC

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Next Tuesday is Tax Day, the annual celebration in which millions of Americans have an "oh shit" moment while they desperately search for their W-2s. But on Saturday, protesters in Manhattan won't be concerned about their own tax returns—they'll be drawing attention to the commander-in-chief's. 

In the latest coordinated effort by The Resistance, thousands of people in cities across the country will march, calling for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns. It's being dubbed the "Tax March," and here's everything you need to know about it.

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What is the Tax March?

When President Trump was on the campaign trail in 2016, he promised that he'd release his tax returns after the election. Traditionally, presidential candidates make their tax returns public in order to assure the public that they do not have conflicts of interests upon taking office. Trump has never his returns, and through surrogates has said that he has no intention of doing so. This weekend's march will call on the administration to make his tax returns public, and draw attention to the questions surrounding his lack of transparency on the matter. 

When and where does the march kick off?

New York's Tax March will begin at Bryant Park on Saturday at 1pm. There will be a rally with speakers, and then the group will march along 6th Avenue to Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle. 

How can you support the protesters in advance?

There are several crowdfunding opportunities for anyone who wants to support the Tax March, including one to help construct a 10-foot-tall inflatable Trump-themed chicken. Advocates who are looking attend can also bring water, food and other fuel to keep protesters going during the course of the march. 

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