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Will NYC improvisers actually wear these Improv Class jeans?

By Kevin Aeh

Talk about niche marketing. Online shop ModCloth is selling an article of clothing called Improv Class jeans. Will this pair of super high-waisted denim start gracing the stages at NYC's improv theaters? Will they help you with your object work and get you to say "yes, and…" more often? Um, probably not. But you definitely need a sense of humor in order to wear them.

And since improv is all about being funny on the fly, we asked a few instructors at the Peoples Improv Theater for their best quips on the jeans. Enjoy.

Rachel Rosenthal
"Wish there was an easy way to tell your parents 'Hey guess what? I quit that admin assistant job and am pursuing comedy full time?'  These pants will do the talking for you!"

Taren Sterry
"You can't really tell, but this model is improvising four belts to hold these pants up."

"If you plan to wear these to class next week, you'll need to start tucking your shirt in now." 

Meg Griffiths Anderson
"As a teacher, I hope to see a student support their scene partner on stage with the same level of commitment it would take to wear their Improv Class Pants to class."

"If these pants were created to stop male improvisers from getting a glimpse of your midriff, it's too late: They've already pictured you naked 100 times before break."


Aaaand scene.


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