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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/garryknight

With a high of 64 this weekend, we officially need to move Christmas back a month

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

You might want to consider picking up a pair of shorts during your last-minute holiday shopping this weekend. Why is that you ask? Oh, only because the forecast calls for a high of 64 both days. This is officially NSFR weather. (Not Safe For Rudolph) 

As you've probably encountered during a half-hearted stroll past department store windows or an office holiday party where you ordered a margarita, it's been exceptionally difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year. The city continues to be throttled by the lukewarm grip of unseasonably pleasant weather. Last year, the daily high temperatures during the first week of December was 46 degrees. This year, it's 53 degrees. And this is coming warm on the heels of NYC's hottest November on record.

One easy way to solve this problem? Simply move it back a month to January 25. Think of it as Christmas Saving Time. Because it would literally be saving Christmas. Not only would this move the holidays to a more seasonably appropriate climate (we could just do hanukkah again) but it would also cheer up New Yorkers when they need it most: when the Polar Vortex actually descends, like the inescapable hangman's noose in a walk-in freezer that it is. Another upside? We'd be able to down egg nog during one more month of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Think this is a crazy idea? This may just be the perfect time for one of those.

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