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Yes, that white stuff falling from the sky this morning was snow, and more is on the way

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Jillian Anthony

When we walked out of the house this morning to head to work, we noticed something peculiar, something familiar yet seemingly from a forgotten lifetime: white, fluffy stuff lightly falling from the sky. Sure, it was cold, but it was also sunny out? I know there is often this frozen substance that comes down from the heavens called snow but I have fully put winter behind me and cannot quite comprehend that this substance is actually snow? Perhaps there's a very large trash truck unleashing bits of paper over the city, or there's a fire somewhere and this is ash falling from the sky, or maybe there is an urban volcano erupting and I'm about to have to wade through an acid lake like in Dante's Peak? Right now those are all better options than ONE MORE INCH OF SNOW. 

Unfortunately, snow it was. And more is on the way. New York Metro Weather expects 1-3 inches of snow on the ground on Friday, March 21, the very first day of spring. So no, this winter will not be leaving with grace, surrendering her power magnanimously after we have long-suffered her wrath. She, like the serial killer in a horror flick, will dramatically rise once more, even in the throngs of death, to tell New Yorkers one last time, "Fuck you."  

We weren't the only ones confused and angered by the small flurry of weather this morning. Here are some select tweets to warm your heart:

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