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You can get clothes for a $1 at one of the best thrift stores in NYC next month

If you’re anything like Ilana from one of our favorite TV shows Broad City, then you believe in the four R’s: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna.” One of the easiest ways to participate in the first three is to replenish your wardrobe by shopping secondhand.

In NYC, we have some of the best thrift stores around, and we don’t have to tell you the benefits of purchasing duds from these charitable brands. But, okay, we can’t resist: You’re helping the planet by reducing excess waste, giving back to those in-need and scooping up unique duds that no one else has—just to list a few. 

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On April 22, popular nationwide thrift chain Buffalo Exchange is giving everyone an irresistible reason to go out and support its stores. In honor of Earth Day, the company will offer a wide-selection of clothing and accessories for men and women for only $1 apiece. Most importantly, all the proceeds will be donated to the The Humane Society of the United States. Since the brand launched this initiative 20 years ago, Buffalo Exchange has raised almost $600,000 for various charities and environmental causes. 

Not only will you feel good about giving back, but you'll feel even better for only spending a couple dollars on sweet vintage wares and cool throwbacks. (Your bank account with thank you, too.) Just remember, this annual blowout sale is one-day only, and takes place at all Buffalo Exchange locations. 

Make sure to mark the date on your calendar (that's April 22, folks) and get ready to restock your closet for spring for well-under $10!



sean g

lemme get this straight. buffalo exchange operates 50 locations in the continental united states. and over the course of 20 years they've raised ******over 600,000 dollars*******. that's 3000 dollars per year. or 60 dollars per store. jennifer please send my heartfelt congratulations to the corporate do-gooders at buffalo exchange. 

Anthony K

Sean g,

Just curious, wtf have you done, in past 20 years, for humane society????? Hmmmm?? 🤷🏻‍♂️