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You can now buy unlimited Uber rides for less than a MetroCard

You can now buy unlimited Uber rides for less than a MetroCard
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Uber wins this round. Starting today at 4:30pm, you can buy unlimited passes for UberPool during commuter hours, and we did the math for you: It’s exactly $37.60 less than an unlimited MetroCard. That doesn’t even take into account how much nicer it is to take an Uber than sweat it out on the subway in the summer.


Giving Lyft a run for its money for the cheapest rides in the city, Uber now has unlimited passes for two weeks ($49), four weeks ($79) or eight weeks ($159), from now through September, in a partnership with Gilt. The passes are valid for Uber’s $5 UberPool commuter rides during 7–10am and 5–8pm on weekdays, to any destination for an Uber ride below 125th Street in Manhattan.  


And it gets even better and cheaper—if you use a friend’s referral on Gilt, you get an extra $25 off. Not a bad deal for a chauffeured drive home every day. 



casper k

Why would I pay ANYTHING to wait in rush hour traffic? Does this author even live in NYC?

Sri N

Uber pays no taxes in NYC, and follows no laws. Their advertised prices are bogus but that's nothing compared to their underlying criminally-abusive business model.
The whole thing is maintained just because a few powerful NYC billionaires have invested in this Uber scheme.

If any JoeSchmoe would run his business the way Uber does, authorities would shut him down day 1.

Peter D

The author of this article must love a city congested with car traffic, tons of air pollution, and traffic noise. Why else would you promote this? Sweating it out on the subway? I wish!  I am literally freezing with this a/c-madness everywhere. 

Jack R

A lot of drivers are starting to reject Uber Pool requests.  Not sure how it is in New York, but around the country, drivers are not happy with the further decrease in fares.

Juliette S

The problem is they always leave out the boroughs... we need deals there too.

Chintan K

It's a great concept that covers your work commute to and fro (which is only if you live and work in manhattan) but comparing that with MTA unlimited rides: 

1. You are covered only for specific hours, if you want to venture out from Manhattan to Brooklyn (or even late night shenanigans) you would need MTA. 

2. Its only covered for Mon-Fri. So if you are kind of person who stays home on weekends, maybe it will work for you.

3. Trains run every 3 mins in those rush hours while you wait for Uber to drive you through traffic isn't time efficient.

4. Cost Efficiency: July is almost half done, its total waste of money to buy monthly Uber pass which even a Non-Math person knows. So lets take August as example - It has 23 days, So if you go to work everyday its $1.71 per ride vs MTA is $1.87 per ride with no restrictions of hours or days of travel.

5. Maybe Lyft should hire me. :)

Sri N

@Chintan K It was never meant to be cost-efficient. It meant to general so more cheap publicity for law-breaking Uber. That's all.