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You now need to earn $130K to rent a one-bedroom in Manhattan

You now need to earn $130K to rent a one-bedroom in Manhattan

Have you always dreamed of having your very own one-bedroom Manhattan apartment like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City or a middle class person in the 20th century? Well, hopefully you were having that dream while also studying for the LSATs.

September’s median monthly asking rent for one-bedroom apartments on the island that affordability forgot was $3,271 according to Streeteasy. Since a majority of landlords require tenants to earn 40 times the rent, that means you’ll probably need to be earning around $130K a year to seal the deal on your own private pad.

According to, here are a few jobs with an average salary of $130K. It can't be that hard to get hired as an associate dentist, right? 

• Estate Manager

• Business Intelligence Manager

• VP of Finance

• Director of Compensation

• Technical Product Manager

• VP of Human Resources

• Chief Clinical Officer

• Business Development Manager

• Senior Technical Recruiter

• Analytics Manager

• Account Executive

• Associate Dentist

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Ridiculous!  Destroying Manhattan....What a great goal!  Just one example, there are thousands of highly-educated, highly-experienced, incredibly valuable human beings employed in the hospitals and other medical-related facilities/businesses in Manhattan, but none of them can actually LIVE in Manhattan.  Just stupid.  As if folks in the financial and related industries (much of the list) do much of anything for anybody but themselves and a very small portion of society---but THEY are (or will soon be) the Chosen Ones who can live in this great metropolis??  Just a stupid reflection of the greediest and least-enlightened period in modern American history.  Nobody with any sense of dignity or proper societal perspective is in charge anymore (save for a teeny[tiny few amongst thousands) this is the result. And so it goes, 

obinwanne n

Who's demanding? And why are their voices drowning out those that are opposing? The answer is where you'll find the problem.

Jesse W

The landlords are criminals and should be arrested. Why do apartments have to cost so much? That's just stupid.