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Your 2015 family gathering drinking game

Written by
Lauren Rothman

The holidays are best weathered with a drink in hand—not only because punches, nogs and and brandies are essential Christmas and New Year’s staples, but also because, when spending time with your extended family, you’re certainly going to need a stiff dram. Allow us, then, to come to your aid with our 2015 Family Gathering Drinking Game, which will put your family’s ridiculousness to good use. Don't worry, the whole clan won't be in on these shenanigans—the only player here will be you (ok, ok, you can let a trusted sibling or cousin in on the fun).

It’s simple: Keep a glass within reach throughout the holiday, take an inconspicuous sip each time a family member does the following things:

- Gives a backhanded compliment (why yes, the bangs are new, and yeah, they do require a little extra styling time)

- Arrives late

- Professes an allergy to gluten/nuts/refined sugar

- Makes a borderline racist comment

- Professes support for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz (perhaps a double sip is in order here)

- Calls you by your brother or sister's name

- Dredges up an ancient grudge

- Unintentionally spills a family secret

- Suggests that you should go to law school and/or med school

- Asks if you still like living in New York and/or guilt-trips you about living far away from your parents

- Comments on your physical appearance (positively or negatively if you really want to get sloshed)

- Fishes for compliments about a disgusting dish they cooked from scratch 

- Asks if you’re old enough to be drinking

- Gives you a gift that would be more appropriate for someone under 10 years old

- Asks why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend

Happy holidays and happy drinking, folks!

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