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Your horoscope courtesy of astrologists Starsky and Cox

Will Gleason

Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox are well-known for their best-selling book Sextrology and their status at "psychics to the stars." But this Sunday, any old New York star child can benefit from the duo's extensive knowledge by attending a special, one-night-only Summer Solstice show, Starring, at Joe's Pub.

The cosmic entertainers will not only be reading audience members (you can submit your birth information before the show) but also performing musical numbers, cracking jokes and regaling the audience by "delving into the kinky corners of the multiverse."

"We do a lot of audience interaction," says Quinn Cox. "We do individual readings, and read people pretty hard. We also get into cosmic things that people should look out for in the coming months. I think people end up laughing about things they never expected to. Jokes about mythology and the multiverse. And there are musical numbers!"

"It's like a variety show. About metaphysics," adds Starsky.

In honor of their upcoming New York engagement, we had the psychic duo provide us with some horoscopes that New Yorkers can use for the week ahead. Don't say we didn't warn you!

"Starring" at Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette St., June 21; $20

Happy Solstice! Shared resources are lighting up as a result of Venus conjunct Jupiter. Your purse is poised to be filled by patrons, while you are also in a position to invest in others’ projects, despite expectation of payoffs. The Sun-Mars conjunct says: do your homework—don't take on face value what others are peddling.  Focus is on collaboration, not always your strong suit; and you may be put in charge of those who once bossed you. It's an emotionally twisty time, but you're up to the challenge, exceeding expectations.

With the Sun entering Cancer, on Solstice, consider the paradoxes of the road less taken versus the path of least resistance. Virgin territory mightn’t entail a dreadful journey, while a well worn trail can easily be pitted with people's negative experiences, wearing on, and tearing at, your singular objectives. You understand the fact we're recommending the former track, right? Moon opposing Neptune, Tuesday brings an emotional breakthrough. It's time to (re)commit to pursuits and practices that impart pure lasting joy.

Life is full of choices needing making in regard to change in career, address, social circles or causes to take up. Jupiter and Venus trine Uranus suggests you try on as many new scenarios as you can, without necessarily committing to any. So called shake-ups in routine offer exciting glimpses into a sustainable new lifestyle. So, don't fight set-backs; embrace and move through them, as they lead to a new happy place. If you get lost in complaint, you won't smell the magic for all the manure. Expect a romantic declaration.

There's no need to explain to fair-weather friends why it is you're moving on. They may label this social climbing. We call it ascension. The Sun entering your sign today imparts devil-may-care license to reach out and touch whomever you like, providing entrée to any enclave you crave. Accept a leadership role on a committee or for an event, especially if it promises empowerment through knowledge. Passing on, or shirking, duties can see your reputation suffer. Moon opposing Neptune, puts mood at odds with imagination.

You feel things, deeply; sensing events, with near animal instinct, before they happen, virtue of the Moon opposing Neptune with Sun conjunct Mars. If you're in the biz of gauging trends, or wishing to sell high what you suspect will soon dip in value, trust your gut. You're itching for experience, and a partnership may be holding you back.  In love, you feel a disconnect between liberated notions and an urge to cling. The aim is to get your radical consciousness and conservative conscience to work more fully in concert.

There may be a tendency to spin your wheels,  As the Sun falls into opposition with Pluto,  you can all too easily indulge in self-created drama, playing stressed out and put upon. Try to see this as a subconscious plot to maintain the status quo. You may fear change and time passing and certain grim reaping. But you may also be holding others hostage, thwarting their growth along with your own, in projecting your fears onto them. There's no real crisis here—just human challenges to meet with a dignified indifference.

The Solstice finds you probing situations for hidden agendas and caveats. You sense there is opportunity cloaked in invisibility. And know-how being power, you need full intel to make all the right moves. With the Sun opposing Pluto, it's time, too, to turn your investigative gaze inward, getting a handle on your own over-reactionary impulses. Ever wonder why so-called friends and loved press your buttons? Because they can. But you're nobody's emo-puppet. Venus conjunct Jupiter amplifies a healthful self-servingness.

Mars conjunct the Sun removes last vestiges of doubt in making any exits, allowing you to focus more on the excitement of embarking on new adventures. Still you can get a bit neurotic, if not compulsive. If-then thinking is a trap to sidestep. You find comfort and, yes, happiness in accepting the way things are, instead of relegating joy to a future dependent on there being ducks in a row. And avoid quacky self-help. Your mind may play tricks, but your emotions never lie. Saturn unaspected says be less hard on yourself.

The Sun-Mars conjunct plus that of Jupiter-Venus may augment your sexy libido to outsize proportions; while also, more sublimely, rebooting your psyche. Deep-seated issues will no longer weigh on you. Free to dive deeper into the primordial soup, you face certain truths you feared would one day undo you. You unearth memories and stories that are ripe for expression; and as you delve more internally, you glide more gracefully on the surface. Let's recap: Profound connection with self; casual interactions with others.

You express creativity in a unique fashion. You could elevate paint-by-numbers or string art to a MoMA level. This Mars-fueled Solstice sees you raise high that which is deemed low, discarded, or on the fringes—making the ordinary extraordinary by simple virtue of framing it as such. Does this mean so-called banal existence can be beatific. You bet your sweet bippy it does. Confidence is confiding in yourself. Here's a self-secret for you: Life is magic and you can work it. Saturn unaspected asks you discipline yourself to have fun.

As the Sun, conjunct Mars, slides into opposition with Pluto, you must stop, drop and roll with the punches. Tough-love lessons abound; and those whose affections you took for granted may divest it elsewhere—it's what you wanted, no? A seeming waning interest in your business wares can bruise your ego. Appreciate what compliments are on offer. Let people break out of assigned roles. Take up challenges and embrace change to avoid petrification. Allow others' successes to inspire you, not wake that green-eyed monster.

Your love life may get tricky with Mars conjunct Sun and Venus conjunct Pluto. Or is that Bob conjunct Carol and Ted conjunct Alice? Beware of turning a would-be affair into a cozy slice of camaraderie, drained of all juice; and vice versa. A Moon-Neptune opposition stresses remaining romantically aspirational, indulging some fantasies in the process. Be mindful not to project familiar dynamics from your upbringing onto intimate bonds. A mate's not your remote father or smothering mother. S/he' s a minefield all her own.


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