James Guida + Howard Altmann + Tom Healy

If you're looking for writers who mix innovation with grace, don't miss this event. Guida is a young Australian writer living in America, and his Marbles, a book of aphorisms, is a total delight—incisive, strange and philosophically compelling. His attention to nuance brings apparently simple experience into a rewarding craggy focus. Altmann reads from his excellent In This House, a new collection of poems that look at the world with thought-provoking and elegantly bifurcated awareness: "Inside every man is another man / He would like to leave behind." At once sturdy and visionary, Altmann's work has won him a variety of fans that include not just poet John Ashbery but also actor Patricia Clarkson. Healy is a poet and artist; his most recent book is What the Right Hand Knows.


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