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DJ mix: 6th Borough Project

Groove along to a chugging, disco-tinged house set.

Photograph: Tom Bunning
6th Borough Project

Do you like machine-tooled house music with a disco-funk edge, the kind that manages the neat trick of combining subdued restraint with party-time fervor? Of course you do—and that's why you should listen to this set from 6th Borough Project, the team of Graeme "The Revenge" Clark and his fellow Scotsman Craig Smith. It's a layered, loopy, head-nodding affair (similar in vibe to the Revenge's solo work), and is stunningly beautiful in parts; we're not sure what track it is that kicks in around the 27-minute mark, for instance—but it's totally dreamy. The duo's debut album, One Night In the Borough, is coming out next month on the Delusions of Grandeur label, and if you like this mix, we'd heartily recommend you track it down at your neighborhood record store (or, more likely, your fave download site).

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6th Borough Blend Part 3 by TimeOutNewYork