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DJ mix: Allies for Everyone

Here's a fun DJ mix from the duo's Brian Suarez to help celebrate the Allies new EP.

Allies For Everyone

Allies for everyone, the synth-friendly duo of singer-songwriter-producer Brian Suarez and arranger Arvin Ajamian, have been making fun and dreamy electropop for a while now, But we have a feeling that that release of the pair’s new EP, Scavanger (released on KID Recordings), might be the one to put them over the top; it’s a confident set that houses up the Allies sound without losing its innate charm. To celebrate the release, the two will be playing a live set at Le Baron on Wednesday, July 11—and to help get you ready, Suarez has kindly prepared this DJ mix, with music from Azari & III, Ross Evana, Lee Foss, Automagic and, of course, Allies for Everyone themselves.

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