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DJ mix: Axel Boman

Listen to a beautiful DJ mix from Studio Barnhus honcho Axel Boman.

Axel Boman

Doyou like your house music to be near the deep, groovy, slightly strange and totally beautiful end of the 4/4 spectrum? If so, Sweden’s Axel Bowman is your man. Coming out of nowhere three or so years ago, the man has amassed a killer discography of original productions and remixes, many of them for Studio Barnhus, the label he runs with Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist. As luck would have it, Bowman, along with Kovács and Nordkvist, will be spinning at the Beats in Space party at Santos Party House on Friday, September 21. And as luck would also have it, here’s a masterful mix from Boman himself.

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