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DJ mix: Dead Rose Music Company

The mixer may be mysterious, but this DJ set from Dead Rose Music Company is fabulous.

The Dead Rose Music Company

Dead Rose Music Company is a rather mysterious entity. First of all, it’s not really a company—it’s one person. At least we think it’s one person—some online accounts refer to DRMC as a duo. Whatever the case, according to some presidential candidates, people and corporations are kind of the same thing. (Though, judging by this official press photo, DRMC is actually an apparition dripping with paint.) Anyway, he/they/it makes supremely groovy, perfectly paced, sample-based grooves (check out the latest EP on the Let’s Play House label), and that’s what you get on this mix that first appeared on one of our favorite music blogs, House of Disco. (Props for including Johnick’s “Play the World” and Gwen Guthrie’s “Hopscotch,” among other chunks of hotness.) If you like what you hear, Dead Rose Music Company is playing with the Revenge and a crew of locals at the Let's Play House and Bespoke Musik Boat Party on Saturday, August 11th—we’ll be there, and you should too.

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Charlie Wolf
Charlie Wolf

This sequence is unreal!! This is the sexy element to house music that reminds me of the LA rave scene, when all the parties were illegal and the music was top-notch. Great job!