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DJ Mix: Grimy Edits' Zernell

The re-edit maestro gets ready to spin in NYC.

The official bio of Zernell, the head of the beloved Grimy Edits label, states that “his style can range from the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house music with a grimy twist.” And that’s kind of true, as far as it goes—but this mix, recorded live last year at his label’s birthday bash, shows that the L.A.–based Chicagoan does a hell of a lot more than simply mix up some house tracks with a few disco edits; instead he’s pretty much pulling everything apart at the seams and reassembling them according to his own whims. (And he gets extra points for including Roni Griffith’s Bobby O–produced “Love is the Drug” and a sprawling mix of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Welcome to the Pleasuredome.) Zernell is playing the Sharegroove and Woody Wood Jr. Present Grimy! Party on Saturday, July 21—and if you’re into this mix, you really shouldn’t miss him.