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DJ mix: Guy J

Israeli producer Guy J, head honcho of the Lost & Found imprint, gives us a deep a swirling mix in the lead-up to the next Basic NYC bash.

Photograph: Cedric Vanaken
Guy J

In interviews, the Israeli DJ-producer Guy J has been reluctant to give his sound a label, preferring to let his music speak for itself. So we’ll label it for him: It’s driving, swirling, emotive, progressive-tinged house—hypnotic and deep and, perhaps, a little bit druggy. See, that wasn’t so hard! Anyway, Mr. J—who recently launched Lost & Found, an imprint of John Digweed’s long-running Bedrock label—will be playing this Friday, October 5 at Sleepy & Boo’s Basic NYC bash; if you like what you hear in this new mix from the man himself, we’d advise that you check him out in person.

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