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DJ mix: Jimmy Edgar

Sex-groove merchant Jimmy Edgar plays the Dog & Pony Show on Sunday, September 30.

Jimmy Edgar

Jimmy Edgar, formerly of the venerable Warp label and currently working his sonic sorcery for the somewhat more youthful Hotflush (run by Scuba), has over the years honed a electro-sleazy, sexed-up kind of sound that’s kind of like a computer-world version of Prince—with a few short circuits in there to keep things nice and weird. But his fixation on all things carnal certainly isn’t limiting—take, for instance, this hot Edgar mix, which takes in sci-fi electro, gorgeous deep house, groovy acid, a bit of pummeling techno and plenty more. It might not be sleazy…but it’s definitely sexy. The man himself will be celebrating the release of his recent album, Majenta, with knob-twiddling live set at the Dog & Pony show soiree a Le Bain on Sunday, September 30—miss it at your own peril.

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