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DJ mix: Nacotheque

Get on down to the alt-Latin sound.

Photograph: Dulce Pinzn
Nacotheque's Marcelo C. Baez and Amylulita

On Saturday, April 30, Amylulita and Marcelo C. Baez's Nacotheque fiesta marks a full half decade of underground-Latin-alternative musical mayhem with a celebration in the basement of Lower East Side hangout Fontana's. And just what is this underground-Latin-alternative business all about, we hear you ask? Well, it's about all kinds of things, ranging from obscure, Spanish-sung punk rock and new wave to off-the-beaten-path disco and hip-hop. The residents have helpfully supplied a pair of mixes showcasing two very different sides of Nacotheque, with Amylulita's set stuffed full off dreamy electropop, and Baez's minimix focusing on the sort of cumbia you might hear at the shindig. Listen closely, then hit up the party!

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Amylulita Chula Pop Crush Mix by TimeOutNewYork

Marcelo's Mini Cumbia Mix 1 by TimeOutNewYork