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DJ mix: Steve Lawler

The tech-house titan spins at Brooklyn's Dekalb Market

Steve Lawler

In the past, we’ve usually described the music of U.K. dance-music vet Steve Lawler as “dark—and while this new mix from the electronic-house elder statesmen isn’t exactly full of raise-your-hands-in-the-air, happy-piano-chord moments, there is definitely a bit of light shining through the inky haze. Which makes total sense, as Lawler’s going to be spinning in the glorious, sun-drenched (we hope) open air on Saturday, May 12, when the Dance.Here.Now. crew takes over Dekalb Market for a bit of outdoor dance-party action. The gig is a stop on his Life tour, which sees Lawler playing in unconventional, nonclub spaces. And we have to admit, Dekalb Market—an outdoor market-slash-sustainable-art-installation adjacent to the Fulton Street Mall—is certainly an unorthodox choice of venue for this kind of gig.