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DJ mix: Subdivision's Insideout

Techno vet Insideout marks the Subdivision soiree's rebirth with a set of fine-tuned electronics.

Photograph: Seze Devres
Good news: Subdivision—the monthly electronic-oriented shindig dedicated to the sounds of Detroit-influenced techno and house, classic material and the various waves—is back on the scene, with residents Insideout, Patrick Russell, Juan Carlos and their pals playing the tunes in the intimate, newly renovated basement of Tammany Hall. To help mark the rejuvenated shindig’s first edition (coming up on Friday, November 30th), Insideout has bestowed a beautiful moody mix upon us, with its sounds running through bubbling acid to superdeep house to, at the set's finish, a nice bit of graceful mellow-tech transcendence.

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Subdivison is at Tammany Hall on Friday, November 30th.