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DJ mixes: Keinemusik's Adam Port and &Me

Adam Port and &me represent for Berlin's Keinemusik label at Cielo.


Who said Tuesdays are dead in clubland? Well, we’ve said it plenty of times—but we’re certainly not complaining about this comiing Tuesday, November 20th, when the venerable Nervous label is bringing in Adam Port and &Me, who are in town to represent for their home imprint, Berlin’s Keinemusik. Both are talented producers and players of deep house, but judging from these two mixes, they take somewhat different approaches to their sound: &Me’s set is a refined, beautiful sequence of tracks, taking its sweet time to build up steam, while Port’s is more of a wide-ranging, party-time affair. (Props go to Port for including a wicked edit of Bush Tetra’s 1980 cut “Snakes Crawl”) Both mixes are great, though, boding well for Tuesday’s gig. And have we ever mentioned how wonderful everything sounds over Cielo’s top-tier system?

Nervous Records Presents Adam Port + &Me is at Cielo Tuesday, Nov 20.