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  1. Tigger!
  2. The Evil Hate Monkey
  3. Brewster
  4. Dew Lily
  5. Bastard Keith

  6. Jonny Porkpie
  7. Luminous Pariah
  8. Photograph: Roxi DLite
    Photograph: Roxi DLiteMat Fraser
  9. Joseph Lambert -, Photograph: Joseph Lambert
    Joseph Lambert -, Photograph: Joseph LambertMod Carousel
  10. Mr, Gorgeous
  11. Photograph: Ernie Sapiro
    Photograph: Ernie SapiroTrojan
  12. The World Famous *BOB*
  13. Wrong Note Rustie
  14. Copyright ? 2011 Kelly Williams, Photograph: Kelly Williams
    Copyright ? 2011 Kelly Williams, Photograph: Kelly WilliamsFaux Pas
  15. Photograph: Picasa
    Photograph: PicasaFerro
  16. Go-Go Harder
  17. Hot Toddy
  18. Mahogany Storm
  19. Go-Go Harder

Photos: New York Boylesque Festival

The spotlight shines on the men of burlesque.

Have you been wondering what this boylesque thing—which has morphed in the past few years from a “okay, let’s give the fellas a little somethin’ to do” to a major subset of the burlesque world—is all about? You’re about to be schooled. On Friday April 27 and Saturday, April 28, Jen Gapay’s Thirsty Girl Productions, in conjunction with Daniel Nardicio, is presenting the New York Burlesque Festival, bringing in an international cast of male-gender movers and shakers to work their magic. Participants range from the relatively Dapper Dan likes of Bastard Keith and Jonny Porkpie to the utterly out-there Evil Hate Monkey—with an owner of a double-X chromosome, the World Famous *BOB*, joining in the fun (she’s serving as the host at Friday’s opening party). If you feel like you need a bit of tutoring prior to the big show, here you go: lovely photos of almost all of the festival’s participants.
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