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DJ mix: a/jus/ted

Justin Strauss and Teddy Stuart, working under their a/jus/ted moniker, dole out a set of high-grade house rhythms.

Photograph: courtesy Plant Music
a/jus/ted's Teddy Stuart and Justin Strauss

The New York city label Plant Music, helmed by Dominique “All Dom Rong” Keegan, has been pumping out variations on an indie-dance/house-music theme since the turn of millennium—but it seems at though it’s really found its footing in the past few years, in part by releasing fun tunes produced and remixed from a lineup of local all-stars that includes the likes of a/jus/ted (the team of Teddy “Eddie Mars” Stuart and the iconic Gotham DJ Justin Strauss), Whatever/Whatever (Strauss and fellow production whiz Bryan Mette), Brian "Allies for Everyone" Suarez, Kaviar Disco Club’s Beto Cravioto, Travmatic & Marosy, Paul Raffaele, Keegan himself and many more. On Thursday, March 20, the label will be heading to the303 at Louie and Chan to celebrate the upcoming release of new compilation Love Me Too, and many of the aforementioned artists—namely, Allies for Everyone, Strauss, Stuart and Cravioto—along with Turtle Bugg and Rok One, will be on hand to sling the beats. To prep you for the festivities, check this mix from a/jus/ted’s Stuart and Strauss, a beautiful, patiently building set of deep and bleepy rhythms that oozes housed-up class.

Plant Music's Love Me Too Release Party is at the303 at Louie and Chan Thursday, March 20

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