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DJ mix: Fehrplay

Pryda Friends' Fehrplay gets ready to pack the Cielo dance floor with a set of anthemic aurals.

Photograph: courtesy the Windish Angency

It never hurts to have fans in high places, and Jonas "Fehrplay" von der Fehr certainly has that: He’s a favorite of both Pete Tong and Eric Prydz, the latter of whom signed him to the Pryda Friends label (and chose him, along with Jeremy Olander, to helm the inaugural Pryda Friends tour). But, to tell the truth, with electronic-house movers like “Talk to Me” and “Phantom,” we have a feeling Fehrplay would have done just fine anyway. On Friday, January 31, he’ll be headlining the #OccupyNightlife party at Cielo—and just in time to warm you up, here’s a mix from Mr. Von der Fehr, fluctuation nicely between prog-tinged rhythms, straight-up house and, towards the end, a bit of steel-tipped, festival-size techno.

#OccupyNightlife: Fehrplay is at Cielo Friday, January 31.

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