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DJ mix: Jaysun Merced

Jaysun Merced goes deep for Underground Quality's Panther Room takeover.

Jaysun Merced

If you’re a clubber thinking about going home for the holidays, and if that home is somewhere besides New York City, you many want to rethink those plans—there are so many great parties with so much amazing music coming up over the next few weeks, we’ve worked our fingers worked to the bone listing them here for you. A heap of the housier and techier shindigs are at Output (no surprise there), and one of the best of those shindigs will be on Saturday, December 21. That’s when the Martinez Brothers will be slinging their driving rhythms in the main room, which is all well and good—but you’ll find us hanging out in the club’s Panther Room for the Underground Quality label night, where UQ boss man Jus-Ed and Bumako’s Jenifa Mayanja will be joined by Jaysun "Jakdat" Merced. Jaysun joined the UQ family of artists earlier this year via the deeper-than-deep sounds on his EP for the label, The Ville, and we’re proud to present his builder of a DJ mix to prep you for his Output debut.

The Martinez Brothers + Filsonik + Underground Quality Label Night is at Output Saturday, Decenber 21.

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