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DJ mix: m50

Catch this great set of m50's underground electronics, then hear him in person at Deep Space


Chicago's m50, also known as Area, is returning to Deep Space on Monday, August 12, filling in for resident François K with an all-night stint in the booth. The producer, a regular on the Windy City's WNUR radio station, is a great spinner and and producer of fascinating, immersive electronc rhythms and sounds, much of it coming out on Mr. K's Wave label. This new, exclusive DJ mix is a fine showcase of his sound: It's deep, engrossing and just a little weird. You've got to hand it to a guy who can fit Matthew Herbert, some sweet-ass soul music, a bit of IDM-ish material and a great version of Jay-Z's "Dirt Off You Shoulder" in a single hour-long set—which makes us wonder what he'll get up to when he has five hours to himself, as he will on Monday.

Deep Space: m50 is at Cielo Monday, August 12.

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