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DJ mix: Matt Tolfrey

The Leftroom label's Matt Tolfrey gets ready for his Verboten session with this set of jacking house.

Matt Tolfrey

The U.K.’s Matt Tolfrey, the force behind the Leftroom label, is one of the finest practitioners of modern-day jacking house around; the same could be said of many of his Leftroom label mates, including Simon Baker, Gavin Herlihy, Subb-an and Audiojack. This mix sees Tolfrey going back to the source of all things jack—namely, old-school, Roland TR-808–heavy Chicago material, with a dash of disco and whatnot thrown in for good measure. Will the DJ-producer be revisiting his influences when he spins for the Verboten crew (alongside Nick Curly, Laura Jones and Maher Daniel) on Friday, March 8th? Maybe, maybe not—but whatever the case, just remember the old saying: “Jack is the one who gives you the key to the wiggly worm!”

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Verboten: Matt Tolfrey + Nick Curly + Laura Jones + Maher Daniel is at Highline Ballroom Friday, March 8.

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