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DJ mixes: Alan Fitzpatrick and Tom Peters

Alan Fitzpatrick and Tom Peters serve up two hot sets of electronic goodness.

Photograph: courtesy Dance.Here.Now.
Alan Fitzpatrick

Alan Fitzpatrick, who records for Bedrock, Drumcode and his own 8 Sided Dice label, has a techno sound that machine-tooled and driving; Tom Peters, with work out on the mighty Kompakt, has a style that dreamy and melancholy. But their music shares a emotive quality—a depth that gives their music resonance—and that was enough for the good people from Dance.Here.Now. to book the pair to play together at Cielo on Thursday, March 14. It’s also enough of a reason for us to present these two great mixes from the DJ-producers themselves. Enjoy!

Dance.Here.Now.: Alan Fitzpatrick + Tom Peters is at Cielo Thursday, March 14.

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