Take Back the ’80s Burlesque: Happy Birthday Madonna!

Wae Messed as Madonna
Photograph: Francine Daveta Wae Messed as Madonna
Rockabilly Burlesque's Minnie d'Moocha and Pink Room Burlesque's Francine "The Lucid Dream" team up for this soiree saluting everyone's favorite (or most hated) decade. Tonight sees the gals celebrating their shindig's first anniversary, and they're celebrating by marking the birthday of the artist who just might define the decade more than any other: Madonna Louise Ciccone. The night's onstage allure comes courtesy of Matt Knife, Sizzle Dizzle, Stormy Leather, Wae Messed, and Minnie and Francine themselves; boylesquer Brooklyn Irons provides additional go-go.


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