The Pink Room: Blue Velvet Burlesque

The Pink Room is back to pay tribute to the oeuvre of David Lynch—at this edition, his ’86 opus, Blue Velvet—through burlesque and variety-show performances. The night sees onstage turns by Creamy Stevens, Dangrrr Doll, Iris Explosion, Fem Appeal, Franny Fluffer, Gemini Rising, Miss Rose, Rosabelle Selavy, Tina Tassels and Tiny D; go-go dancing is provided by Foxy Vermouth; and your host for the evening is Bastard Keith, who we're hoping will be in full Frank Booth mode. The night kicks off with Franny's Flicks, a showing of Ms. Fluffer's cinematic selections, and the burlesque action kicks off at 9:30pm.


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